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Now or Never to Secure a Solar Feed-in Tariff

iStock_000014509716LargeIt could be now-or-never to secure a feed in tariff for solar energy production.

The government is currently considering changes which could see them closed to new applicants as early as January 2016!

We expect high demand so don’t leave it and hope for the best, get in quickly and secure your future feed in tariff now. Call on 01384 566497 or visit our showroom and ask to speak to somebody about Solar Energy.

Chapmans Electrical is a SolarWorld Certified Partner, recognised experts in Solar PV specification and installation. We fit only the most rigorously tested solar panels, produced in Germany.

Solar panels cost much less to install than you might expect. With just a few details about your property we can produce a potential cost saving and revenue generation analysis for you and show you the panels and live system in action..