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HiFi & Audio Equipment repair

We have been in business for 90 years now so whether it is HiFi separates, turntables, speakers, CD players or amplifiers there is not much that we haven’t seen before and no repair is too delicate or home audio too obscure to be deserving of the Chapmans touch!

Chapmans is an established and respected name that you can trust and our shop front is a well known landmark in the local area – a family firm at the heart of the Black Country. Our HiFi and audio equipment repair service covers most of the West Midlands region and beyond, including our home town Cradley Heath, but also Birmingham and neighbouring towns such as Dudley, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Halesowen and further afield.

This all means that we are well placed and well trusted to service or repair most audio products from almost any manufacturer so whether your Sony is scratchy, your Sharp suffered spillage, your Aiwa is awful, your Toshiba is tone deaf, your JVC is jumping, your Pioneer sounds punchy, your Denon is dead or your Technics is testing your patience or indeed any other misbehaving make needs some mending, we are ready fix the fault. We can also sources parts and handle repairs for brands like Roberts Radio (inc Roberts Revival) and Sonos Wireless Audio.

We can usually replace the drive units in your speakers or cure any annoying rattles or vibration, which can really drive you up the wall. Chapmans technicians are the best in the industry so if we can’t fix it, no one can! If it won’t turn on, has no power, the sound quality booms or it has trouble recognising other devices like your MP3 player we can handle it. If we don’t have suitable replacement parts already in stock we are confident that we can get hold of them for you, as long as they are still available.

We’d like to take on your turntable be it to repair a broken tonearm, damaged suspension or if you need a replacement stylus cartridge. If your amplifier has over-reached it’s ambitions, developed and intermittent fault or needs a recap or valve replacement please call Chapmans and let us fix it.

Whether you bought your equipment from Chapmans or not makes no difference to the service we provide. Quality and professionalism come as standard. With our fleet of vehicles we come to you and wherever possible will fix the problem in situ. Where it isn’t practical to do so or we need more specialised equipment we will take your system back to our own secure high tech workshop facility and return it to you when it is ready.

At Chapmans our well trained engineers are proficient with all makes and models of HiFi and Audio equipment. We know how much you love your audio equipment and how much you miss it when it is damaged or broken. With many years of experience we are ready willing and very able to service and repair your beloved amplifiers and cherished record players. Please call Chapmans to discuss your needs and arrange for an engineer to visit.

What our Customers have to say:


I didn't know where else to leave a comment - so I hope this is OK and you can publish it. I called into the store this evening to collect an item that had, as promised, been put away for me. The assistant I spoke to could NOT have been more polite, helpful and genuine with his advice. This was service enough but when, on asking for a second item which the gentleman was good enough to scour his stock for but, unfortunately could not find, I was astonished to find that my request had been overheard by another colleague who immediately stopped what he was doing and took the trouble, especially, to make me what I was looking for, there and then, on the spot! Service? Chapman's should be rightly proud of their staff and their commitment to service. It has been a VERY long time since I have been looked after like this in a shop - ALL shopping should be like this. Other retailers take note! Thank you to Mark and the other gentleman whose name, I am embarrassed to admit, I did not get. Thank you all again. John Powell

Date: 2016-10-17 13:49:17

Name: John Powell