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Cooker hoods not only perform a very valuable function, but modern incarnations do look incredibly stylish and can have a dramatic, yet positive impact on your kitchen décor. Many designs are available these day. Some of which are generic and blend with most surroundings or you can even purchase the cooker hood that matches up perfectly with the cooker it will be fixed above.

Here at Chapman’s Electrical we can supply, deliver and install a multitude of cooker hoods to suit whatever design and practicalities you have to cater for. We can source; visor cooker hoods, telescopic cooker hoods, canopy cooker hoods, integrated cooker hoods, chimney cooker hoods and island cooker hoods, all in a range stylish finishes and sizes. The size of the hood will also have an impact on the noise it makes. When you are purchasing a cooker hood, look out for the marking “dB” in the products’ specification. This will signify the decibel level and of course the lower the number, the quieter the unit is when it is operational.

When size is concerned it would be visually and aesthetically beneficial to get a cooker hood that was the same or a similar size to the cooker it is fixed above. However when it comes to the importance of size there really are no set guidelines that stipulate the size you are allowed to have, other that the space you have on your wall. If you are thinking of fitting a cooker hood in between some high cabinets, the importance of measuring the space you have to working is vital.

The majority of modern cooker hoods tend to make use of two technologies; extraction and recirculation. A lot of hoods are fitted with both and these functions can be alternated to deal with different scenarios. Extraction will always be the preferred option of the two as it performs the important task of removing airborne grease and smoke that can cause unpleasant cooking odours and venting them outside, conclusively disposing of the unwanted elements. Recirculation hoods on the other hand suck up all of that grease and smoke, filter it internally and reintroduce a cleaner air back into the surrounding area.

If you are looking to purchase a cooker hood of any kind, make sure that you are getting the best possible service by visiting us here Chapman’s electrical. Our in store experts will be more than happy to discuss you options.

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Had a bit of a panic this morning as my elderly parents washing machine had broken down. I spoke to Keith at Chapman's who couldn't have been more helpful. To cut a long story short, my parents are expecting delivery of a brand new machine at 1pm today. Fantastic stuff. Thanks Chapman's & especially thanks to Keith. Well done!

Date: 2015-12-31 11:14:17

Name: Richard Hale