Within our freestanding cooker selection we offer a great choice in both our gas and electric varieties here at Chapman’s in Cradley Heath. With modern cooking appliance becoming more impressive and advanced in their functionality we are always on the lookout for the best models to offer our customers.

About Gas Cookers: Gas cookers offer a fast acting and manageable form of heat that delivers satisfying resulting when preparing your favourite meals. They give you the variation in your cooking cycles that can allow desirable crisping and browning on the outside of roasts whilst keeping the inside succulent and tender. There are two kinds of gas oven; fanned and conventional. A gas oven fitted with an oven fan will help circulate the heat around to make for a more even temperature throughout. Whereas a conventional oven without a fan will see the heat rise to the top during the cooking process depending on where food is positioned. Fan or no fan, gas ovens make for a very effective and simple way to prepare a meal. They are also cheaper o run than electric models.

About Electric Cookers: The first noticeable factors when you’re looking into the purchase of an electric cooker is the hob type.  There are three main varieties of hobs that you can identify with. They are; ceramic hobs, induction hobs and solid plate hobs. Each individual form of hob that can be found on an electric cooker offers its own set of advantages. These range from the rate in which heat is produced to the ease of cleaning and maintaining them. We can supply all of these hob types, so if you have a question or are unsure about which one may be right for you get in touch and our experts will be happy to explain.

When you are deciding on the right cooking appliance for your home or business the two key aspects to consider as far as you’re concerned will be how you like to cook and how much space you have to accommodate our new purchase. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we strive to provide the most comprehensive range of options possible, working with some leading industry suppliers we can offer a great deal of choice in regard to both size and function. We also provide step by step help and advice throughout the purchase process, as well as a highly regarded delivery, installation and maintenance services. Contact us for more details.

What our Customers have to say:


I purchased a new Hoover Washer Dryer on 19-10-2019 from Chapman's, and I'd just like to say thank you to all the staff who made my purchase easy, fast, and hassle free. A pleasure doing business with an honest company, who have your best interests at heart. Thank you.

Date: 2019-10-19 19:39:06

Name: Richard Mccann