Hobs are a multi-purpose kitchen essential. All hobs basically have the same simple concept, but the versatile range of cooking techniques that can be exploited in this key area of your kitchen is vast. From boiling your vegetables for a Sunday roast, searing a steak in the frying pan or preparing oriental cuisine in a large wok, you have a lot of options with this cooking power. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we have a great supply of some impressive cooking hob units. Both individually sold products and complete, fully integrated cooking units with matching ovens are available from big name brands you can trust.

All hob units can be built into worktops and counters around an existing or new kitchen design plan. Kitchen hobs don’t offer up any set rules or guidelines in regard to their size. Different people will have many different needs and spaces to cater for, fortunately there are many different size options available so you can get the right width that fits in with your plans.  Standard built in hobs will have four burners, but of course when you’re looking at larger units in the range, the additional space will often be taken up by another cooking station, offering you a wider variety.

Aside from the styling and the size of your hob, you’re also going to need to consider the fuel source. Both gas and electric hobs each offer their own set of advantages, but it really all boils down to what you prefer. Selecting a gas hob will mean that the unit has to place within reasonable distance to the gas source in your kitchen and electric hobs can take longer to generate the optimal cooking heat you need, whereas gas hobs give you instant heat. Electric hobs however can be more visually appealing dependant on your taste.

The most important aspect of purchasing a hob, or any form of built in appliance for that matter, is that it is installed correctly. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we can not only supply the product, but we provide an excellent installation and maintenance service should you require it. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best, complete service around and with this mentality we have grown not only as a brand but as a trusted member of the Black Country community since 1925.

What our Customers have to say:


The showroom was impressive with wide range of choice, a warm greeting was given by Lisa, who was both helpful and knowledgeable to answer our questions. Lisa is most certainly an asset to the company and would recommend Chapmans for the excellent service received so far and pleased we could purchase locally. Well done to Chapmans.

Date: 2017-02-26 17:06:37