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Built in Refrigeration

The idea of having something a little bit different in our homes will always be a desirable thought. And how many of us often find ourselves hanging out, entertaining, or spending lots of family time in the kitchen and needing more space to do so? Chances are, quite a few. Want to know how you can give your kitchen an instant facelift and also make it unique? With an integrated appliance, of course. Here, we will tell you more about what an integrated appliances are and the many advantages it can have for your kitchen space.

An integrated appliance is sometimes also referred to as a built in appliance. This includes things like a built in fridge, built in freezer or even a built in wine cooler. Such appliances do not look, stand out, and take up the room like standard appliances. Instead, an integrated appliance will slot away into the décor of the room and appear to be just another finished cabinet door in your kitchen. These appliances are actually more affordable than people think. As they look so much like a custom made appliance there is a misconception that purchasing and installing one of these appliance can be quite tricky and costly. We can assure you that this is not the case.

You might be wondering why something like a built in fridge or built in fridge freezer might be a good idea for your kitchen. Aesthetics aside, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the functionality associated with a standard appliance. Integrated appliances are available in a multitude of sizes all boasting their own set of practicalities. Whether you require a large built in fridge freezer unit or a small and separate built in fridge or built in freezer you can find exactly what you’re looking for right here at Chapman’s Electrical.

Are you interested in discussing the possibility of a built in fridge or built in fridge freezer in your home? If so, then come see us at our showroom today. We can show you examples of the integrated appliance options we have in stock. We can also provide a trusted service to install you integrated appliance. If you would like to order a built in appliance, we can do so for you. Our knowledgably staff will be more than happy to talk you through your choices, so you can find the right appliance for you, and discuss your delivery and installation options. Why not get in touch today?

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TV repair this morning was done by Andy and a first class job he did too. It was the booster but he sorted it all and tidied the cables for us oldies. Always good service from Chapmans whether it be buying goods or repairs. Highly recommended.

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