A good freezer can be a great ally to have in the home, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. They can store all manner of food goods, including pre-prepared meals that you can heat up throughout the week knowing that they have been stored in a hygienic way and kept fresh. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we stock and supply a fantastic range of free standing and integrated freezers from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Freezers often come in many shapes and sizes, so before you go out and buy one you need to figure out which one will best suit your home or workplace. The two key elements that need to be considered are the capacity of the freezer and the space you have cleared to place your new purchase.

There are three main types of freezer. Here is a quick break down of the variations:

Chest Freezers: These are great if you want to get your hands on a large capacity ice box that you can store in a utility room or garage. They have a top opening lid and are ideal for bulk freezing which is great for large households. The only minor draw back to these models would be the lack of shelving compartments. Chest freezers often come with basket inserts for separation but nothing compared to the block style divides of other freezers.

Upright Freezers: An upright freestanding freezer are of course much narrower than a chest freezer would be, so this would be a good option if you we looking to introduce a freezer into a new or existing kitchen arrangement. The capacity of these models varies on how tall or short you would like it to be. Upright freezers allow for handy shelving compartments so you can keep you groceries in order.

Integrated Freezer: These freezers are great for incorporating into a new or existing kitchen plan. The door to the freezer will match the design of other cupboards in the kitchen and when the door is closed it will be completely out of sight. All the time the integrated freezer will be performing a valuable task, without being visually intrusive.

Our in store experts will be more than happy to talk you through the purchase and installation process if you’re in the market for a new freezer. We provide all manner of freezer and white goods services. We can provide advice in regards to temperature settings, frost free freezers as well as safe disposal and salvage of your old machine, so why not pay us a visit. Visit our contact us page for more information about Chapman’s Electrical.

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We've just had the arranged visit from you TV engineer and would like to pass on our compliment for an efficient, and friendly service. He tuned our video/DVD player into the TV as requested and also tuned in the SKY remote so that we could use that for all TV functions so that we need only the one unit. As seniors we are not quite as "quick on the uptake" as we used to be but your engineer was extremely patient explaining what he had done and making sure that we were okay with using remote. Many thanks

Date: 2015-10-19 20:54:29

Name: Mrs Oakes