Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezers

A good quality, practical fridge freezer will hold all of your groceries, both fresh and frozen, and act efficiently to keep your food goods fresher for longer. Purchasing a separate fridge and freezer independently of one another is a great option if you have the kind of space and arrangement that can accommodate them, but a combination of the two can come in handy when trying to cut down on the amount of floor space you’ll be taking up.

Here at Chapman’s Electrical in the West Midlands we have supplied, fitted and serviced fridge freezers since their inception and popularisation on the UK electrical market, so if you are thinking of making this purchase with us you can be assured you are in knowledgeable and capable hands. Our showroom is packed with some truly stunning and top quality fridge freezer unit that out helpful staff will be more than happy to talk you through.

To help get an idea of the items you can find in store, take a look at the following breakdown of fridge freezer variations we have to offer:

Free Standing Fridge Freezers: These models are undoubtedly the most popular and most common among shoppers as they can be placed anywhere that there is a sufficient space and a nearby mains plug socket. The aesthetical differences between models on the market today is far too vast to go into great detail, suffice to say it would not be a hard task to find a machine that looks the way you want it too look. In store you will find short and compact fridge freezers as well as tall fridge freezers to suit whatever space you may have to fill.

Slim Line Fridge Freezers: These models, like other freestanding fridge freezers, are just as flexible and straightforward to introduce into a kitchen design plan. However a slim fridge freezer is a really helpful option for anyone looking to introduce a stylish and practical model but may be limited by the space they have to fill. We have some great designs in store and we can talk you through the process of correctly measuring up for your new appliance.

Integrated Fridge Freezers: an integrated fridge freezer can, as the name suggests, be integrated into a new or existing kitchen décor plan. The fridge freezers storage compartments will sit just behind kitchen cupboard doors that will match up with all your other kitchen cabinets and make for an all-around complete and stylish end product.

American Style Fridge Freezers: These are an increasingly popular form of fridge freezer that boast an assortment of stylistic and practical luxuries. If you’re in the market for an American style fridge freezer and to get more information, Click Here.

For a step by step, customer friendly service you cannot go far wrong with the advice, service and value we offer here at Chapman’s Electrical. If a new fridge freezer is what you need and there is any doubt over which one is right for you, come and visit the electrical experts in our Cradley Heath showroom.

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I had a broadband problem for over 12 months that no one (including my broadband supplier) could resolve. As a "last throw of the dice" I undertook yet further research on the internet and came upon Chapman's Electrical. Their Electrical General Manager (Mark Lynock) could not have been more helpful. He kindly agreed to visit me (without cost) and after a process of careful elimination provided me with the much needed solution. The cost of the "kit" which provided the solution was a very nominal £40. I am so grateful for the exemplary service and expertise provided.

Date: 2017-04-11 09:50:55

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