Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers

If you like to entertain at home or maybe you are either a budding or experienced oenophile, a wine cooler is a must-have appliance that have a number of advantages and can be introduced in many different ways. Wine coolers are available in a vast array of styles and sizes, so no matter how deep you obsession goes with this most interesting and mysterious of beverages there is something to suit your needs and budget. On today’s kitchen appliance market you will find cooler units that cater for a combination of wines or for a specific type of wine and the individual qualities that are needed for it to be preserved correctly. White wine, red wine and champagnes all should be kept at different temperatures from each other in order to get the best possible result when the time comes to crack open the bottle.

Perhaps the most important aspect to look out for when purchasing a wine cooler is the capacity. This really depends on how much you like wine and how much of it you would like to keep at any given time. If you are a serious collector and are perhaps making a purchase of several crates, you can get coolers that hold around 40 bottles. However, capacity in regards to wine coolers ranges dramatically and you can also purchase units that store just a few bottles. You also need to consider the size of the bottles you will be storing. For instance, champagne bottles tend to be larger than standard wine bottles. So bottle capacity listed in specifications may not always be exact.

Here at Chapman’s Electrical we like to cater for any and all of our customer’s domestic and commercial electrical needs. Wine coolers are something of a specialty item, but are consistently becoming more popular. We keep some models on display for anyone looking to get a good idea of the make-up of these appliances, we also deal with dependable and reputable suppliers that enable us to provide many more options. We can source both table top wine coolers as well as integrated, or built in wine coolers. So if you have any questions why not pop into our store and we can discuss your options.

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