Fans and HeatersFans and Heaters

Fans and Heaters

The temperature of our home and work place is a year-round issue here in the UK. Summertime is accented by complaints of being too hot and winter time see us fighting to stay warm. No matter what time of the year we are faced with and the weather conditions its produces Chapman’s Electrical have all the solutions.

In store you will find a healthy supply of both fans and heaters for home or office use; from more compact models for personal use or larger, higher output models. Let’s take the time to have a closer look at the different variations of these products and the benefits each form has to offer.

Electric Fans:  Aesthetically there are three different styles of electric fan: Desk, Pedestal and Tower. A desk fan will range between 18cm and 30cm in height and due to this compact size can easily be positioned where cool air is needed and of course the larger the fan, the greater and more intense output. A pedestal fan is ideal for covering larger areas. It has the same design principal as the desk fan however they are often larger and will be height adjustable, so you really can provide a cooling breeze to a wider radius. Tower fans are radically different to other variations in appearance, they look great in surroundings with a contemporary décor and often offer a wider range of technical functionality.

Portable Heaters: For portable heaters there are also three main variants. The three main categories are: Fan Heaters, oil filled heaters and convector heaters. Firstly, fan heaters are typically a lightweight and therefore easy to transport. They also warm up very quickly so can be very handy if thing get really chilli during the winter and you’re in need of a quick solution. Oil-filled heaters do take longer to warm up and can be much heavier and harder to manoeuvre than fan heaters, most of them however are fitted with castors, so they aren’t too awkward. To make up for the minor drawbacks that these heaters can have, they do have the significantly positive characteristic of being fairly cheaper to run than other heaters. Finally, convector heaters are lighter in weight than oil-filled heaters but are often taller or are very similar in stature. In addition to their light weight they can also be wall mounted and offer a very quick warm up time, similar to the fan heater.

All summer long and for the duration of the winter months Chapman’s will be in the same place it’s always been and as ever we are ready, willing and able to supply the appliances and services you need. So if you’re too hot or too cold, give us a call or stop by our showroom for a chat.

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Wondering where to go to for an Electrical Installation Condition Report for your business premises? Just get Chapman’s in – we did and we fully recommend them to anyone! Good job guys! Top service and work - we don’t normally leave reviews but credit where it’s due. A big Thank you to Mark the electrician who sorted the necessary work for us.

Date: 2017-03-07 08:31:31

Name: Bob Heath Visors