It is the household chore most of us love to hate. On average each home in the United Kingdom will spend 3 hours a week over the ironing board, so like it or not, irons are an essential for any residence. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we keep a good supply of efficient and reliable models for our customers to choose from. We stock models from industry leading manufacturers including; Bosch irons, Murphy Richards irons, Phillips irons and Russell Hobbs irons, among many others of dependable brands.

Few people actually recognise that the ironing process can be made a lot easier and somewhat more enjoyable…Well ok, more comfortable anyway. The trick is to know your irons and the subtle differences in functionality that could serve you far better in the long run.

Here is a quick break down of the main two types of irons available and the unique advantages that each one brings to the task at hand:

Steam Irons: A steam iron will let out steam during the ironing process, the moisture generated in the fabric from this will loosen the garment under the plate and make it easier to remove stubborn creases. Steam iron are ideal if you’re only dealing with small, family sized, weekly loads or if you iron as and when you need particular clothing.

Steam Generator Irons: Irons with steam generators offer a greater output of (you guessed it) steam. The benefit of having this extra steam is that you can handle larger loads of laundry in double quick time as creases will be far less persistent under the added pressure. Steam generator irons come in two forms; pressurised and non-pressurised, the principals for both are the same as the other but pressurised model produce the most steam out of the two. Knowing the difference between the two could be helpful especially those with interests in commercial laundry and Ironing services.

To have a look at our latest models on display and make an enquiry with either domestic or commercial interests, please don’t hesitate to stop by our Cradley Heath showroom or call our helpful customer service line.

What our Customers have to say:


I had a broadband problem for over 12 months that no one (including my broadband supplier) could resolve. As a "last throw of the dice" I undertook yet further research on the internet and came upon Chapman's Electrical. Their Electrical General Manager (Mark Lynock) could not have been more helpful. He kindly agreed to visit me (without cost) and after a process of careful elimination provided me with the much needed solution. The cost of the "kit" which provided the solution was a very nominal £40. I am so grateful for the exemplary service and expertise provided.

Date: 2017-04-11 09:50:55

Name: Nigel