Travel Appliances

Travel Appliances

If you are planning any kind of extended stay away from your home, whether it’s a camping trip, a business commitment, a family holiday or a gap year excursion you’re going to want to make sure you can take some of your reliable home comforts along with you. You will also need to know that you have all of the essential accessories that are required for travelling overseas.

Well here at Chapman’s Electrical in Cradley Heath we stock and supply a great selection of handy travel appliances and accessories, anything and everything to ensure that you can iron your favorite top in to Cotswolds or charge your mobile phone in Morocco, we can provide peace of mind. Here are a few items that you will be able to find on our shelves:

Travel irons: A travel iron is almost certain to be called into action upon arrival at your holiday destination. Clothes, once unpacked, are highly likely to be creased to some degree, and having a scaled down steam iron that doesn’t take up too much room is a must for any traveller’s luggage.

Travel kettles: Perhaps one of the most frequently utilised appliances within the household is sure to find a purpose when taken on a journey. A travel kettle is more suited to a camping or caravan getaway but may also be worth taking anywhere if you’re not sure what facilities are included in your trip.

Travel hair dryers: Lightweight and compact a travel hair dryer fits easily into our luggage and are an essential on any ladies packing check list. Not all hotels provide a hair dryer in the room and we have some great models here that despite their stature, will work just as well as your everyday dryer.

Plugs and adaptors: of course, if you are travelling out of the country the appliances above would all be pretty useless without an adaptor for international plug sockets. We keep and good stock of these here at Chapman’s as we know just how important they are for anyone travelling abroad. They will take up next to no room in your luggage and often don’t cost very much at all, so there is no excuse for not having this vital piece of kit.

If you are planning a journey, near or far, why not pop into our showroom and browse our travel items. Something that you may not have even considered, could jump off the shelf and become a must have for your upcoming jaunt. It never hurts to be a little more prepared.

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I had a broadband problem for over 12 months that no one (including my broadband supplier) could resolve. As a "last throw of the dice" I undertook yet further research on the internet and came upon Chapman's Electrical. Their Electrical General Manager (Mark Lynock) could not have been more helpful. He kindly agreed to visit me (without cost) and after a process of careful elimination provided me with the much needed solution. The cost of the "kit" which provided the solution was a very nominal £40. I am so grateful for the exemplary service and expertise provided.

Date: 2017-04-11 09:50:55

Name: Nigel