Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Here at Chapman’s Electrical in Cradley Heath we supply vacuum cleaner models from the very best manufacturers and industry innovators around. Our vacuums, like all of our products, are carefully selected to guarantee enough choice to cater the wide variety of specific requirements sought by our valued customers, both loyal and new.

A good vacuum cleaner needs to be versatile if it is to make a positive addition to the home. Day to day a vacuum cleaner can be faced by a multitude of new challenges and obstacles to negotiate. Ensuring that you purchase a top quality unit is the first step toward a satisfying pairing of “man and machine.”

In regards to variation; vacuum cleaners, although boasting different functions from model to model, fall into two category types; Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners and Upright Vacuum Cleaners. Cylinder models are usually lightweight and, as a rule, small in stature. Due to their physical make-up they are ideal for vacuuming more awkward areas of the house such as upholstery and furniture as well as making easier for of vacuuming up and down stairs. Upright cleaners on the other hand are better suited to large flat spaces. They can be heavier but newer models are very comfortable to manoeuvre and easily glide across your floor space.

These two categories of vacuum cleaner and their attributes play a large part in deciding which one you will buy, as each reacts differently to different floor types. For wooden, vinyl or tiled flooring cylinder cleaners are the best way to go. For cut pile carpet upright cleaners would be ideal however a cylinder cleaner with a good brush attachment would also prove very useful.

Here at Chapman’s you will find yourself spoilt for choices and in good company if you’re looking to purchase a trustworthy ad practical vacuum cleaner. We have a great display of models and a team of knowledgeable staff keen to discuss your options. We also provide all of the accessories you need such as vacuum bags and manufacturer parts for repairs are readily available.

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We've just had the arranged visit from you TV engineer and would like to pass on our compliment for an efficient, and friendly service. He tuned our video/DVD player into the TV as requested and also tuned in the SKY remote so that we could use that for all TV functions so that we need only the one unit. As seniors we are not quite as "quick on the uptake" as we used to be but your engineer was extremely patient explaining what he had done and making sure that we were okay with using remote. Many thanks

Date: 2015-10-19 20:54:29

Name: Mrs Oakes