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Washing Machines

Washing machines are one of the most important large appliances that you will have in your home.  Imagine what life would be like without having the ability to wash your dirty clothes or bed sheets in a convenient and state for the art way– not a pretty thought!  With that being said, you will want to make sure that you find yourself a washing machine that is perfect for your family and for your budget.  Here at Chapman’s Electrical we can provide all the guidance you need to arrive at the right decision for you. You will certainly find that we are a trustworthy company that you can continue using for many years to come as most of our customers have done for generations.

A Large Selection of Washing Machines

One of the most significant benefits associated with choosing Chapman’s Electrical for your purchase is that we have a large selection of different washing machines for you to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a top loader or a front loader, stackable or side-by-side, there will be a model that is perfect for every household.  With the different machines that have convenient features such as Energy Efficient options and a selection of different colors, you will essentially have your pick of some of the industry’s most popular washing machines.

Washing Machine Installation

Aside from the benefits of choosing from an array of different washing machines, we also offer the ability to take advantage of our installation packages.  This means that you won’t have to worry about carrying your washing machine into your home, placing it accordingly, and then trying to figure out how to connect the water and the power.  Instead, we will send a highly trained professional installation technician to assist you with this venture.  It will not only help to save you time, but it will also help to save you an ample amount of stress as you can rest assured that your machine is connected correctly the first time around.

Washing Machine Repairs

We are also aware of how it can be more advantageous for home owners to acquire a washing machine repair instead of entirely replacing their appliance, therefore we also offer washing machine repair services around the West Midlands.  Much like the installation process, you will have access to a highly trained technician who will assess your washing machine, diagnose the issue, order the parts (if necessary), and repair it within a timely manner so that you can return to your daily duties.

For more information on any of our washing machine of laundry services please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit us in store.

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With my old fridge freezer going faulty I needed a new one in quick time, so I popped to Chapmans and saw Lisa. she helped me to choose a new one and managed to delivery it the same day! I was really pleased with the service!

Date: 2015-02-14 12:10:45

Name: Mrs Homer