3D and Smart Television

3D and Smart Television

3D Television has been hailed as the next important step in at-home entertainment. For years, TV manufacturers have been trying to get 3D right and export that immersive 3D cinema or IMAX experience into our homes. Today, this is a reality far from being common place 3D television however is widely available on the mass market. Here, we will tell you more about the two current 3D TV options on the market, 3D active and 3D passive. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we have kept up with the times and have made room in our showroom for 3D and Smart Television innovations with some of it’s finest examples on display.

3D Active TVs:

3D active TVs are TVs where a special pair of shuttering interactive glasses are needed to attain and enjoy the desired three dimensional effect. These glasses shutter one eye and allow the other to see the image of the screen. They then block the other eye and allow the other to see. This technology in its finer details can be mind boggling. For instance the glasses with 3D active TVs process information and produce this shutter at a speed of around 60 frames per second! 3D active TVs can give you a fantastic picture that jumps right out at you. And with the power of 4k TV or even a smart TV, this 3D technology as it has progressed through time can be visually epic!

3D Passive TVs:

So what do 3D passive TVs have to offer? These sort of TVs require users to wear the sort of 3D glasses you get when watching a 3D movie in the movie theater. Some users (especially those prone to headaches) say that they feel 3D passive TV is more comfortable for them than 3D active. The glasses for this type of TV are also quite a bit cheaper than with the other type as they do not have the same built in reactive technology. The picture also seems to be just a bit brighter wen noting the difference between 3D active and 3D Passive.

Smart TV:

Both 3D Passive and 3D active technology is just one of the many advantages to having a Smart TV. Smart TV’s, like Smart Phones, are, in addition to being a top quality television set, internet infused devises that can transform your living room from a place of straight forward entertainment to a hub of information and creativity. Smart TV’s allow you to download applications, like you would on a phone, to access many internet based entertainment services, such as; social media websites and streaming services. We highly recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing any sort of 3D active or 3D passive TV test it out, first. To do this, come on down to our showroom. Here, we can explain differences between the two types of 3D tech in greater detail. You can compare pricing, picture quality, and more on a number of the latest TV models. One of our friendly sales people can walk you through the process of choosing the right one to suit you. We can also tell you about various smart TV options and installation so you can get the most out of your news system.

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