TV accessories are often a vital necessity to setting up your home entertainment systems. What if your new piece of technology doesn’t come with all the connectors and display products you had in mind? Don’t worry! We have what you need. Here is a brief breakdown of what we supply in our showroom, but we do advice that if you have any connectivity or accessory queries please contact us.

HDMI Cable

Perhaps the most common purchased item in the TV connectivity market. The vast majority of TV’s DVD Players, Blu Ray plyers and gaming consoles now use HDMI connectivity over the outdated, but still available, SCART lead.  Some home entrainment electronics supply HDMI leads that are too short and some don’t even supply them at all. The better quality HDMI lead you purchase, the more dependable service you can expect from it. Some companies boast budget HDMI cables for just a few pounds, but these can soon become worn, which can lead to a weaker signal and glitches in our playback. We stock branded and dependable Vivanco television accessories, so you can be assured of their longevity.

TV Brackets and Stands

One of the advantages of purchasing a top of the line, shiny new TV is being able to show it off in style too. Many modern TV sets including plasma TV’s and flat screen TV’s have the ability to be wall mounted. This is a very stylish option regardless of you opt for an adjustable arm TV bracket or a fixed or flush TV wall bracket. With many subtle new ways to take care of trailing or visible cables a wall mounted television can have a positive effect on a room’s décor. It is vitally important that if you do not know exactly what you’re doing in the DIY department, then you must get someone who does to mount your television. There have been far too many horror stories about people who have spent a fortune on a new TV only to have it fall off the wall and smash. Here at Chapman’s we can provide and expert TV bracket installation, so you don’t have to worry about any unfortunate accidents.

Indoor Antennas

For those looking for a cheaper and more dependable, as well as convenient way to watch or listen to various televised and radio broadcasted programs, then indoor antennas are a must for these options. Indoor antennas are antennas that can be placed inside, often times either on the top of the unit, or behind it. As long as your cable receiver is within commuting distance, you should be able to enjoy your TV program, or listen to your favourite radio podcasts, with little to no interruption. What’s awesome about this store is antennas are offered that will last you a good amount of time, as well as them being at an affordable price!

We stock and advice on a vast array of connectivity solutions and TV accessories here at Chapman’s Electrical in the West Midlands. As previously stated; if you have any issues with your cable or wireless connection, picture quality issues, weak signals or display needs make sure that Chapman’s is your first point of contact.

What our Customers have to say:


Well where do I start, I cannot recommend Chapmans Electrical highly enough, if there were 10 stars I would give it. I would recommend anyone to purchase from this company, there attention to detail, service, knowledge of products, prices, price matching as far as possible, interest free deals, is far superior to any offers in the big superstores. The sales assistant, Lisa was so patient with my 86 year old mother, and explained over and over again until she fully understood. I have purchased TV's, Kitchen Appliances, Radio, all delivered on time , we were kept up to date at all times. One very happy customer.

Date: 2017-04-26 18:18:23

Name: Carol Gilder