Cameras and Camcorders

Cameras and Camcorders

A video recorder or an HD camcorder is a fantastic investment. However, not everyone understands why having a camera for a holiday or other special events is so desirable with the rise in popularity of camera phones. It is true that camera phones are a very handy way of taking photographs and video and although the picture quality has improved, it’s still no match for a top quality digital camera or HD video recorder. Here at Chapman’s Electrical in the West Midlands we offer a great selection both video and still image cameras, from some trusted big name brands.

We all have precious memories. Events and occasions that we want to capture and saved for years. It might be memories of a child growing up, holidays, a marriage ceremony, family meal, or even a road trip. So how can you preserve those memories for years? A modern digital camera or HD camcorder can capture those memories carefully and with crystal clear quality. Unlike older video cameras, they perfectly preserve sound and color. You can safely keep these memories for years on a format like a minidisc or DVD without any worry. Video and image files can be effortlessly transfers and stored on to a whole host of devices including memory sticks and online storage clouds.

Here are a few things we tell customers to think about before buying either a video recorder or HD camcorder:


  • Is it important that you see your shots a few moments after they were taken? If so, you might want to invest in a camcorder with a built-in screen;
  • What medium would you like to shoot with?
  • What will you typically use this camera for? Will it be just a camera for a holiday, or for shooting amateur films;
  • What is your overall budget?


If you are looking for more guidance in what sort of video recorder or HD camcorder to purchase for your family, come and visit our Cradley Heath showroom. We have a great selection of camcorders on our shelves for you to check out. You might even be able to score an exclusive deal when you come see us. Any of our helpful and knowledgeable staff are more than willing to advise you on what would be the best camera for you. Here at Chapman’s Electrical we also offer a video to DVD transfer service. So if you have any old home movies on VHS that you want to preserve for future generations, why not ask us about upgrading to a longer lasting DVD discs.

What our Customers have to say:


I didn't know where else to leave a comment - so I hope this is OK and you can publish it. I called into the store this evening to collect an item that had, as promised, been put away for me. The assistant I spoke to could NOT have been more polite, helpful and genuine with his advice. This was service enough but when, on asking for a second item which the gentleman was good enough to scour his stock for but, unfortunately could not find, I was astonished to find that my request had been overheard by another colleague who immediately stopped what he was doing and took the trouble, especially, to make me what I was looking for, there and then, on the spot! Service? Chapman's should be rightly proud of their staff and their commitment to service. It has been a VERY long time since I have been looked after like this in a shop - ALL shopping should be like this. Other retailers take note! Thank you to Mark and the other gentleman whose name, I am embarrassed to admit, I did not get. Thank you all again. John Powell

Date: 2016-10-17 13:49:17

Name: John Powell