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Have you thought about LED Lighting?

Energy saving LED Lighting at Chapmans

Have you thought about LED Lighting? You need to. Here’s why..

LED lighting has been around for a number of years now and the technology has matured. LED lights are now mainstream and here to stay.

Lighting is often taken for granted. Most people probably haven’t thought about what type of lights they have or indeed why that is. Recent legislative changes are set to bring lighting out of the darkness and on to centre stage. As a technological leader, Chapmans is ahead of the game and poised to guide you through the labyrinth.

You’ve probably heard that LED lighting is very energy efficient. That means it typically uses less electricity to produce a set level of light output than other types of lighting. An LED light will have a much lower Wattage specified than you are perhaps used to seeing with less energy efficient varieties. If you’re translating existing wattage’s to LED equivalents it can be difficult to know what will be suitable and where to begin.

LED lighting typically far outlasts less energy efficient alternatives too, meaning it should make savings in the long term as well as the short.

There have been recent changes in legislation which are designed to phase out old inefficient forms of lighting. Specifically Halogen lights. A great invention and very widely used, their time has come – in the same way as it did for old fashioned filament bulbs a few years ago.

Halogen is to be phased out, beginning with some varieties as early as September this year, but the majority will be in 2018. It is anticipated that this will make replacing them like-for-like increasingly difficult, which could cause frustration later and possible danger & downtime if it leaves you in the dark.

This phasing out will begin with mains voltage directional halogen lamps, Directional Halogen Lightwhich will start disappearing next month. Essentially spot lamps, usually with a parabolic reflector, found everywhere from shop fittings to bathroom ceilings. Often designated PAR16 or GU10.

Because of this we are expecting a high demand for equivalent replacements with LED lighting over the coming months and the next few years as other halogen formats come under the knife.. It pays to be prepared and to make plans now.

LED lighting is available in many formats and ratings, virtually everything now has a suitable LED equivalent, from high output flood lighting to cosy and dimmable domestic lighting. Unlike halogen, LED lights are also available in a range of colours, including soft warm or cold hard white.

You may decide these changes herald time for a long overdue lighting scheme replacement more suited to your needs. Chapmans was established way back in 1925, when gas lighting was slowly being replaced with electrical lights. We’ve seen technology change over the years and been a part of it. We are here to help and can design, specify and install LED lighting at any scale.

Contact us today, or visit our showroom, to find out how these changes are likely to affect you, talk things through and plan a solution which will suit both your lighting requirements and your budget.